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Until 3 years ago, Bose’s QuietComfort series had the undisputed dominance of noise canceling headphones. But then Sony arrived with a bowed headset equipped with a catchy name, WH-1000XM2, and managed to oust it from the top with impressive noise cancellation and excellent sound.

3 years later, Bose is trying to give a fight as it today introduces the QuietComfort 45 – a rainbow headset with an improved noise cancellation mechanism, a smart noise insertion mechanism and most importantly – a battery that you will have to work very hard to drain.

This time you will also hear what is happening around you if you wish

The QC45 comes with an active noise filtering system (ANC, for short), which together with microphones that are inside and outside all its ears and a dedicated chip, can measure and eliminate noise around you. Bose claim that they have been able to improve the mechanism so that it eliminates even more noise in the MID frequencies and leaves you with only the music, movies or podcasts you are listening to. It will be interesting to see if Bose will finally be able to present a worthy alternative to the sound quality and noise filtering of the Sony XM3 and XM4.

This time Bose also adds a new mode called “Aware”, which as expected uses the microphones of the headphones so you can hear what is happening around you without taking off the headphones. In addition, Bose claims that they have improved the microphone array so that when you talk to the headphones on you, the other side will hear you clearly, instead of the noise around you (as often happens with other wireless headphones, including Sony’s XM).

There is no flight in the world that will help you run out of that battery

The highlight, or at least until we experience the new noise filtering system, is undoubtedly the QC 45’s battery. Bose guarantees up to 24 hours of continuous listening, which means that no matter how long your flight is, you will not have to charge them. When you still manage to drain the battery after several and several working days, you can connect the QC 45 via a USB-C cable and get 3 hours of listening in 15 minutes, or fully charge the battery within two hours.