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Apple has many ambitious projects that are kept secret. Analysts or leakers are often able to give them a new headline each month. AR glasses are one of these projects, which have been in the works for many years. Based on the top Apple analysts, we can expect to see a first version of the glasses by next year. It said to feature strong specs.

M1-like chip and microOLED displays

Ming-Chi Ko is a respected analyst in all things Apple. He claims that Apple will announce the first pair AR glasses it has developed in recent years at the end of next-year – in the fourth quarter 2022.

According to Ko for Investors, Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses will come with two chips. One chip will have the same processing power and processor as the M1 processor Apple unveiled last January as part of its transition towards self-developed processors. And the other, weaker, will manage the operation the glasses’ sensors.

Ko’s prediction about Apple’s augmented realities glasses is also interesting. These glasses, unlike many smart products that require a connection to a computer or smartphone, will be able operate independently. Apple believes its augmented reality glasses could replace the iPhones in a decade, according to Ko.

Ko claims that Apple’s AR glasses will not stop there. They will also display virtual reality content, as they will include a pair 4K-OLED microOLED displays made by Sony for Apple. The glasses will need to have a lot of processing power, which is why they are supposed to include the M1-like chip. According to the ko the glasses will simultaneously run 6-8 optical module in parallel to provide users continuous AR (or VR), experience. This is a much more powerful chip than the iPhone which can only run 3 modules simultaneously.

As mentioned, Ko is a top analyst when it comes Apple. Over the years, he has also had some vulnerabilities in his predictions about Apple. He claimed that the Apple Watch that was announced last month would have a sensor to measure body temperature. However, he was incorrect about many other things that Apple revealed at the event. In any case, one should not take his predictions as a guarantee.