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Sony’s new TV series is called the BRAVIA XR, and Sony is especially proud of the new processor embedded in them called the Cognitive processor XR. If you have not tried them, Sony TVs are powered by an impressive upscaling engine that sharpens the content displayed on them. This time, the new processor is supposed to recreate the way humans see and hear.

the new processor is supposed to divide the screen into several areas and identify the focus of the image, the way the human brain works. This is in contrast to standard AI engines that sharpen or enhance elements such as color, contrast, details and the like separately. The new engine analyzes all these elements together, and should create one completely optimal image. In the sound segment, Sony claims it can translate any existing sound into a 3D sound.

The new TVs will come not only with the new engine but also with Google TV. This is the new version of Google for Android TV, which made its debut with the launch of the new Chromecast. This version comes with an emphasis on finding content, personal recommendations, building playlists and more. Since it is a relatively clean operating system, it also comes with direct support from Google’s voice assistant, so you can ask it to find content or control the smart home and ask general questions.

This time, finally, the entire new TV line will come with full HDMI 2.1 support, unlike the TVs that came out in 2020 some of which came with no support at all, or received partial support for a software update that came after a long time. This of course means that all TVs will support 4K transmission at a refresh rate of up to 120 frames per second, dynamic refresh rate (VRR), low delay mode (ALLM) and eARC. These are the most important features for the next generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S launched at the end of last year.