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After beginning to test its entry into the gaming world in recent months with the release of several mobile games for users in several markets around the world, Netflix recently released the first five games for users around the world – but only if you have an Android device.

No paid commercials or features

Last July, Netflix approved its plans to enter the mobile gaming market, with the streaming giant being “another category of content” that it plans to bring to us – viewers, or in this case gamers (say). As mentioned, after testing its games on several markets around the world like Poland, Spain and Italy, Netflix has embarked on a process that will take about a week to release the first five Android games that will be available for download to users around the world via Google Play.

Two of the five games, you will look surprised, are based on one title from the streaming giant – Stranger Things. Two of them (Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game) are 8bit-style adventure games, one that follows the events of Season 1 and the other after the events of Season 3 (if you didn’t catch it from their name).

The other three games are more general, with no affinity for Netflix content. The first is Card Blast – a card game; Teeter Up – where you will have to put a ball into the holes in a series of challenges with increasing difficulty and Shooting Hoops, where you will have to score a ball into the basket with the help of an arrow gun.

Netflix reiterates that all games are free, not Freemium and do not include any advertisements to pay for their very existence on the air. The new games are also available when you are not connected to the network, and you can only play them with an “adult” account – meaning children’s accounts will not be able to activate them.

It is important to note that the games are only available to those who have an active Netflix subscription – when you need to select a specific user profile to connect to the games with. Downloading the games is of course possible for everyone through Google Play, but without an active Netflix account you will not be able to play them.

You can find the games either through the search on Google Play – either by the name of the games themselves or through the Netflix key page in the Google store. Netflix says that as of today we can also download the games through a new tab that opens in the app of the Android service, but with us (despite the app update) it has not yet popped up.

And what about Netflix subscribers with devices from Apple who want to play the new games? In Netflix’s blog where the expansion to the global market on Android was published, there is no reference to the arrival of iOS devices as well, but according to TechCrunch Netflix plans to reach these devices in the coming months.