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For quick Insta stories, one lens may be sufficient. But new angles will help you increase your broadcast audience. Multi-cam magic without a full production crew? Add Logitech’s Mevo kit to your streaming room. Each wireless Start camera can capture 1080p footage with an 83.7-degree field. Plus, the wireless Start camera has integrated noise-cancelling microphones with spatial processing so your audio will not lag.

The Mevo Multicam App is where the real intelligence lies. With three connected cameras via Wi-Fi, it only takes one tap to switch shots in a stream. What’s more, Auto-Director allows you to mix audio, add text and overlay graphics on the fly – no editor necessary. Each cam can record for up to six hours on one charge. You also have the option of wired power for continuous recording.

Tripod mounts make positioning easy, and support for every major streaming platform (from YouTube through Twitch to Vimeo), means you can reach a wider audience.