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#1 Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy-Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi makes some of the best-selling and most loved rice makers. This model is our top choice because it is compact, comes in two capacities, and uses computer chip technology to cook perfectly cooked rice pots.

This technology is called “fuzzy logic” and it uses a thermal sensor embedded in the bottom of each cooker to determine the cooker’s temperature. The machine adjusts the cooking time and temperature based on the type of rice that you have selected.

You can choose from regular white rice or sushi rice. There are also options to cook rice without pre-rinsing or quick cooking. You can also choose from different types of white rice, including softer and harder varieties.

Nonstick cooking pots come with measurement markings inside. This allows you to quickly determine how much water you should add to different types rice. You can also use the pot’s stay-cool handles to transfer hot rice to the table or stir into soups and stir fries.

Other noteworthy features include a removable inner lid for easier deep cleaning, carrying handle, retractable cord, LCD timer, and the inclusion of two measuring cups, a rice scooper, and spoon holder.

This 5.5-cup cooker can cook up to 10 cups of rice. However, if you have a large family, need to make a lot of rice for meal prep or entertain often, the 10-cup model is available.

#2 Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

Pros: Clear, easy-to-see display, detachable power cord, simple operation, slim footprint, precise settings, 24-hour keep warmth setting, and included accessories

Cons: Top doesn’t separate for cleaning, strong spring back in the lid. Inner pot markings aren’t high-contrast. Only one set of water lines. Quick rice setting is for white rice only.

This little beauty is a joy to behold. Right out of the box, its tidy design and thoughtful details — like an included steamer basket and ladle; a handle on the measuring cup; and glossy magazine-style guide — earned immediate points. The built-in carrying handle, a detachable cord that can be used for self-storage, a simple but clear display, a built-in spatula holder and thoughtfully designed cook settings make functionality a key focus. It offered different programs for brown and short-grain rices, as well as porridge, quick and low cooking, steam, steam, and even cake functions. This was a strong indicator of precision.  

It cooked all four rice types perfectly — a remarkable feat. Each grain was perfectly cooked, with every grain evenly cooked. Every batch was moist, but not wet, gemmy, but not dry; sweet, and aromatic. The only time the rice lost its structure was when it was made into porridge. This is normal, since you trade texture for extruded flavor. 

The countdown timer for Keep Warm started at the minute. Most other timers track time by the hour. This was a great feature. The Keep Warm setting was gentle. The rice didn’t develop any hard crustiness. It’s also a small-to-medium-capacity cooker that is quick at its job. It takes around half an hour to cook white rice, about an hour for brown rice, and about an hour and a quarter for porridge.

#3 Hamilton Beach Mini-Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is affordable and includes a basket to rinse rice and steam foods. It also has a removable nonstick cook pot that can be used for cleaning. It can hold up to 8 cups cooked rice to feed a crowd.

It is easy to use the machine. All you have to do to turn it on to begin cooking is to press a button. The machine automatically switches to a keepwarm setting once the rice has been cooked. This ensures that the rice is always ready for you, even if you have to wait until dinner.

Our reviewer came across a caveat: The cooker yielded unevenly cooked batches of ¾ cup of white rice and brown rice when she tested it. These batches were still better than the rice I made on the stovetop, and were infinitely easier and quicker to prepare.

You can make whole grains and steam vegetables or fish with the steamer tray. Both the steaming pan and the bowl are dishwasher-safe. The lid can also be removed for easy washing. It can be easily moved or stored with its carrying handle. You will also receive a measuring cup, and a rice paddle.

#4 Aroma Housewares 

This rice cooker is a top-selling choice because it’s affordable, easy to use, small enough for most households. It measures in at almost 10 inches tall and 8.9 inches across. This rice cooker is compact enough to not take up too much counter space or cabinet space.

There are two options for cooking brown and white rice. The rice cooker can cook up 8 cups of each type of rice per batch. The rice will stay at the right temperature until it is ready to be served by the warming mode.

This new version of the cooker features an upgraded pot. The pot has been upgraded to bonded granite construction for increased durability, nonstick cooking and easy dishwasher cleanup. The previous pot had a chemical odor that our tester noticed during cooking. This issue has been resolved by the new pot.

It has a nonstick interior that is easy to clean, a condensation collector that captures cooking steam, and a slot in the lid to store a spatula for scooping. It includes a measuring cup, a plastic rice spatula, as well as a removable steamer plate. The steamer tray can be used to steam meat, fish, tofu, or vegetables while the rice cooks so you have a complete meal with minimal work or cleanup.

#5 Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

This solid rice cooker is another smart cooker that uses a microcomputer to adjust the power according to how much rice is being cooked. This means the rice is cooked perfectly every time, whether you’re cooking rice for one person or for your whole family.

While the cooker is a smart model, the controls are very simple to use, with icons on the buttons for selecting white rice, brown rice, porridge, or soup, or the quick-cooking or steaming modes. The cooker has an auto-shutoff and can keep rice warm up to 12 hours after it is cooked.

The cooker includes a rice paddle, measuring cup, and a steaming basket. The power cord can be detached for safety and storage. The interior bowl is coated with a nonstick coating to make cleaning easy.

If five cups of uncooked rice (which yields about 10 cups of cooked rice) isn’t enough, there is a larger model that can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice.

#6 Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

For an easy way to cook rice that doesn’t involve yet another countertop appliance, this microwave cooker is ready to produce perfect rice in your microwave.

The cooker can hold 11 cups of rice, making it easy to make rice for your whole family.

Steam vents allow steam to escape from the cooker without causing any spatter. Locking clips keep the lid in place while cooking. Side tabs keep the cooker cool and make it easy for you to take it out of the microwave after cooking is finished.

It’s made from BPA free plastic.

#7 Instant Pot Zest Plus

If you don’t make rice on a daily basis, it might make sense to get an appliance that can cook more than just rice. The Instant Pot can cook rice, but it can also be used for slow cooking, sauteing and steaming. The Zest does not have the Instant Pot’s pressure cooking feature, but it has all the other features.

It is available in eight-cup, twenty-cup, and 20-cup Plus sizes. The 20-cup Plus is unique because it features 13 preset cooking functions that perfectly cook all types of grains, including white and brown rice, couscous and risotto.

It also includes a rice measuring cup and a rice spoon.