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#1 ANTREE 3-In-1 KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachment

This pasta maker attachment can be used to create delicious homemade pasta. The attachment allows you to make pasta sheets, pasta sheets, and fine pasta. You can be sure that the stainless steel blades will last many years.

#2 Nuvantee Adjustable Stainless-Steel Manual Pasta Maker

This reliable pasta maker makes it easy to prepare a delicious Sunday dinner. It’s sleek and sturdy, and will continue to perform well for many years. You can make pasta in seven different thicknesses with the machine.

#3 Marcato Atlas 150 Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

This pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough using its chrome-plated steel tool. It includes the pasta machine, hand crank, clamp, and instructions. It can be cleaned using a dry brush or cloth.

#4 Hamilton Beach 7-Shapes Electronic Pasta Maker

If you’re searching for a pasta maker that’s easy to use and has a simple design, this model is your best bet. Seven discs are included with the pasta maker that each make a different shape of noodles. There’s even a built-in bottom drawer to store the discs when not in use.

#5 Razorri Electric Ramen & Pasta Maker

This pasta maker can make 1 pound of dough in just 10 minutes. The 13 different types of noodles available to users, including pasta, penne, and spaghetti, will be a hit. The pasta maker is fully automated and has an easy-to use interface.