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#1 The Purple Mattress

This brand is distinguished by its grid-shaped elastic material in its top layer. unique feel that’s squishy yet firm, designed to provide both support and pressure relief. Below the grid is memory foam from the original model.

Purple also offers hybrid models with foam and coils for added support and airflow, but they’re pricier and heavier. It’s worth noting that the original model is still particularly heavy (a Queen weighs 110 pounds).

Our panel describes it as the perfect combination of soft and firm, and users say they can’t feel their sleeping partners move during the night. Reviewers also praised its comfort by telling us it feels like “sleeping on air” and “like floating in every sleeping position.” Just note: unlike other models that can arrive within days, some told us their Purple mattress delivery took longer than expected.

#2 Sleep on Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Queen Mattress

Sleep on Latex is known for its mattress and mattress toppers made from 100 percent natural latex, which is more breathable than memory foam. The Pure Green mattress is made from a supportive organic latex base, a softer layer of latex foam, and an additional layer of organic wool, all wrapped in a cotton exterior. The medium firmness mattress is ideal for side sleepers. Still, it’s supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers without making you feel totally sunken into the bed.


This mattress is simple in design but surprisingly comfortable. It’s also available on Amazon Prime. You will receive your order quickly and know when it will arrive. This reliability is an important consideration given all of the delays in the mattress industry right now. It’s simple model is made with two layers of memory foam inside.

The brand highlights its T&N Adaptive Foam technology that’s resilient and contouring, yet still supportive. It also uses graphite and gel in its foams to pull away body heat, which can help prevent overheating that comes from memory foam. And while this model is most popular, Tuft & Needle also has an even more affordable 8″ option as an Amazon exclusive, along with two more expensive options that have added features. 

This mattress received a lot of praise in areas like comfort and support, it stood out among our panel for its motion isolation: Users told us they couldn’t feel their sleeping partners move around throughout the night. They also raved that it feels supportive and firm. One survey respondent highlighted “My Tuft & Needle mattress is so much more comfortable than any mattress I’ve ever had in the past.” The main complaint is that the edges lack support so if you sit on the side it might sag.

#4 Casper Original Foam Queen mattress

Casper’s original mattress, the Casper, is firm but has a soft top layer. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality bed at a more affordable price. The company’s Airscape technology adds thouss of perforations to the foam that promote airflow and keep you cooler at night. It’s available in an all-foam or hybrid model.

#5 Linenspa

This best-selling, budget-friendly mattress is a total steal for under $300 and highly rated by our tester panel, making it a perfect choice for anyone on a budget. It is slimmer than the other models in this article and will not feel as luxurious, but it is easy to order and set up. 

While this is 8-inch mattress is the firmest and least expensive, it’s also available in two other versions with more foam: A 10-inch model with a medium firmness and a 12-inch model that feels more plush. 

Dozens of users told us it was incredibly easy to order and set up, plus they unanimously agreed it was well worth the price. Although some users had minor complaints, they were not the only ones to have complained. One user described her experience to us as “You won’t find a cheaper mattress for the price.” The company is great, the mattress arrived within two days of my order and was in perfect shape! The process of opening the mattress was simple and took less than five minutes before it was placed on the bed frame.

#6 Layla

Are you unsure if you need a firm or soft option? This foam style offers both. To change the support level, flip the mattress.. Layla describes the firm and soft layers as being a 7 out 10 and a 4/10 respectively. This is ideal if you have a changing need or are unsure what firmness level to choose. 

The majority of mattress reviews said they love it and gave it high praises for support. Some specifically called out how nicely it conformed to their bodies and said they found it to be ideal for side sleepers. One user even said, “I wish we’d tried this one sooner.” Just note that even though it has some cooling properties built in, there were mixed reviews from our panel about whether it actually affects body temperature.

#7 Happsy

Most bed-in-a-box brands use foam and synthetic fabrics, but this one uses natural materials like latex, wool and cotton with springs. The mattress is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and its latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), so you know The manufacturing process adheres to strict environmental standards. 

While most truly organic mattresses are very expensive, this one offers a much more reasonable price. Even though it’s still over $1,000, it uses premium materials that make it well worth the price tag.

Users appreciated the organic aspects, but also gave it rave reviews for comfort, support and convenience. It’s less popular than the other models in this guide so we don’t have the same volume of respondents, but one called it “SO comfortable” and told us “This is the best mattress I have ever owned!”